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Reasons why I hate menstruating:

- My personality changes negatively

- The nerve-wrecking discomfort down there

- Dismenorrhea hurts like a bitch

- Buying tampons ruins my weekly budget

- Can’t stand straight ‘cause of pain

And most of all…

It is a sign that I’m not gonna have a cute baby angel soon.


Love me some s’mores!


Love me some s’mores!

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Bad grammar is a pet peeve of mine


Bad grammar is a pet peeve of mine

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To the ONE Who Made All Things Possible

Exactly 19 years and 21 hours ago, I was born. I was somehow torn between dedicating this post to all the people who remembered me today, but then I realized that I should be talking to You instead, since You’re the one who made this day happened anyway.

First of all I am sorry, for I know that I have misused Your gift somehow and I have been a headstrong bad girl. People may not know all the mess I’ve done, but only You know everything I’ve been through. There were times when I doubted if I really was made by You and for You. I can’t say I have no more doubts, but I am sure of one thing: I am your princess.

True, my heart has countless desires and whims. I have too many wishes and grievances, but I won’t dwell on that right now because I know that my life itself is a wish-come-true. I love You, but I know You love me more. From this day on, everything I do will be for You. I will please You with everything that You gave me.

I know I have been a “fallen angel.” I rolled away from Your loving Hands’ grasp, but I will be back soon. I will be home to You soon, so I only pray for this: Prepare my heart for everything that You have in store for me. Prepare my soul to serve You again.